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About us

Founded in 2019, Wuxi Empire New Energy Co., Ltd., a wholly foreign-owned new energy enterprise, engages in building the world's leading one-stop intelligent integrated energy system integrator.

The company is mainly specialized in researching, developing, producing and selling new technologies such as solar cells, components, surface power stations, distributed power stations and energy storage and sets manufacturing bases and sales offices in Wuxi, Jiangsu, Suqian, Binh Province, Vietnam and Manila, Philippines.

The company is devoted to providing users with safe, economical and reliable energy and services and constantly increasing the ratio that humans use green environment-friendly energy. While strictly abiding by the emission way and standard stipulated by the country of business, the company adheres to the advanced and environmental technologies, realizes no pollution and emissions and achieves the harmonious development of enterprises and environment.

Environmental protection means human protection!

Empire New Energy will make our home more beautiful by own efforts!

Through providing efficient clean energy, Empire New Energy will constantly improve the environment of human survival!




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